Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Morning mother!
 so this past week went by Great! I had a very uplifting and Testimony building experience on Prayer. lets see. Ill start with the last month. So my companion and I have been Doing Everything we know how to do, saying prayer after prayer to help the people in our areas progress in the gospel. for the last 6 weeks not a single one of the Investigators nor recent Converts that we have been working with have come to church. 6 weeks of feeling like we as missionaries are not doing all we can. Six weeks of feeling like we have let the lord down because it is Evident that no ones faith has been built by us and by saturday night we always feel like we have done everything and then Sunday they don't come. So this last Saturday we had done things differently and been even more bold and instead of just promising blessings we promised blessing and told of consequences. We felt like the energy had built in a tremendous way and everything looked like it would be perfect on Sunday. As we are teaching our final lesson Saturday night to one recent convert, we receive a text from his Gran daughter who is an even more recent convert than he is, and who had moved from his house with her not yet LDS family. The text informed us that she had a very important business meeting the next day and couldn't make it to church, even though just the day before she had been practically in tears wanting to feel the spirit of church again. We informed her Grandfather of the text and posed the question "what more can we do?" "what are we missing?" he continued to bear his testimony to us, and related to us that he knew that She would come back to church and all we could do was be frank with her and tell her how it is and ask her what she really wants. My companion and I said a prayer when we had returned to the truck, as he drove I compiled the text message that we felt we needed to send to her to help her make the right decisions. This was the text that we decided on (note we paraphrased a few parts of the scripture because she doesn't understand old English well. "1 Nephi 3:7 'I will go and do the things the lord commands, for I know that the lord doesn't give commandments to the children of men, unless he shall prepare a way for them to accomplish the things which he has commanded them'...... god has commanded that we go to church. I know god has already prepared the way for you to go to church. It rests on you to find it. God is there. He is knocking. Will you let him in? Or will you leave him out in the cold? again? We just want you to do what you know will make you happy. HE wants you happy. With all the love we can give, we invite you to open the door and go to church with your Savior. He's waiting for you." Her reply was less than moving for us as she put off the invitation for the next week. not wanting to possibly miss out on an opportunity to further her career. My companion and I knelt together and offered probably one of the most humble and pleading prayers either of us had ever given in behalf of someone else. We watered our pillows with our tears as our prayers continued separately. I'm not sure how long we prayed together nor how long our individual prayers comprised, but we felt the calming that comes as you weary the lord with sincerity and faith. In the morning instead of inviting or pushing her anymore we sent one final, uplifting text wishing her luck and invoking blessing on her according to the true desires of her heart. Her reply literally made us leap for joy it read simply "Thank you but I decided to go to church." As it went she had searched for a way and found a ride to church with a not yet LDS friend and rescheduled the meeting for an hour later. We continued with our usual Sunday morning Shepherding, and as we left the house of our last investigator who informed us he wouldn't be able to go, a truck driving the opposite direction stopped. A slightly overjoyed and bedazzled looking lady leaped from the passenger seat and flagged us down. She informed us that her and her daughter had just moved into an adjoining house nearby and would like the elders to pass by. She informed us that her family were all members of the church, but that her and her husband weren't. She informed us that she would like to be taught, but couldn't make it to church that day. Plans were quickly made for members who lived nearby to come for the Daughter (who is a member) and we had a very good day at church. We felt the hand of the lord leading us and others and we know that it was because we asked in sincere humility to be able to see the blessings of the lord.....

I think that should cover it and I went late lol (Lo siento Padre.) _-Elder Taylor Westbrook Logan

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